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Valeriano Bernal was born on 11/27/38 in Algodonales, a town in the province of Cadiz. At the early age of eight he experienced his first contact with wood craftmanship at the workshop of his cousin Francisco Ramírz Leo. He learned the skills for many years and at the same time, helping his cousin with minor tasks such as stirring the fire in order to heat the glue.
After finishing his navy studies in Cadiz, he moved to Norway where he enrolled himself as a navy operator for two years, and thus got to know many ports around the world. During this time he exercised his skills with wood to perfection, and in fact he was able to make some guitars at sea.
A naval accident off the coast of Finisterre kept him in hospital for some time and made him reconsider and later abandon his position in the navy. He left for Belgium and restarted his professional wood craftmanship. This was in 1962 and in 1967 he was able to set up his own guitar factory in Wavre, 20 kms. off Brussels. From that moment onwards, and always relying on the support of his wife Catalina Gil, he would never abandon the graet passion of his life: the handmaking of guitars.
While in Brussels he carried out studies on the harmonic lid with two belgian acoustic engineers which allowed him to considerably improve the sound.
His siganature, Valeriano Bernal, is recognized and admire worldwide.

After his stay in Brussels he decides to return to Soain in 1976 and sets up a factory in Jerez. He will later return to his place of birth, Algodonales, his current home.

The future of Valeriano´s guitars is secure due to the teachings he is exercising on his son, who cooperates with him at the workshop and learns the secrets of the trade. This makes Valeriano very proud, although it may earn him a few unpleasant surprises, as when his son decided to make electric guitars as well.

He also runs an office house in Algodonales where the flamenco guitars of the brand
"La Serranía", known in all five continents, are made.




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